Indian navy ready to deploy to South China Sea as tensions climb

China is going to be stirring up big problems in the South China Sea starting January 1st.   China is going to start searching any ship that is in the South China Sea; which China believes that is their territory. India is going to have none of China’s bullying. India is ready to deploy it navy vessels to the South China Sea to protect oil-exploration and its economy from China. This will be in the best interest for India and its country to standup against China .

This is news worthy because China has already stolen a lot of United States companies and now they want to search any ship that is in the South China Sea. South China Sea is one of the largest oil reserves with 213 billion barrels of oil.  China is going to start trouble if it starts to search every ship that goes into South China Sea.  A lot of countries are going to step in if China does this and China not a country that back down from the countries that plan on stepping in.

The Author did a very good job writing this article. Most of the article talked about how India is ready to deploy if China is going to go through with this and start searching ships. It was also really nice that the author talked about how important South China Sea is to so many countries. The author also talked about if this is a collision course for many countries in the area and it also had a lot of facts that supported why India is so upset. The story also had plenty of interviews from India’s Navy Chief Admiral D.K Joshi.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    How is this legal? Isn’t the ocean, outside of certain boundaries, considered international waters?

  2.   fuglsang Says:

    Gage, did you already delete the Martinez story?

    I think you’ve made progress this semester, Gage, but writing is something you will likely always have to work hard at. It doesn’t seem to come natural to you (and that’s OK). Martinez is a good subject, and you have some good material, it’s just not organized well. And I’m not sure why you chose to do your quotes this way. You needed additional sources.

    Keep challenging yourself with different styles of writing. See you next semester.