Ice Cream

What a big surprise on an early Thursday morning.  We are learning about how to describe items to the reader so it feels like they are experiencing the item they’re self.  Ross brings out two big boxes of ice cream that we can pick from to make our experience feel real to the reader. Picking the unhealthy choice of the two ice creams that has an ice-cold vanilla center and a mountain of chocolate cover.  I pick up the ice cream out of the box and felt numbing feeling in my fingers when touching my prize.  After getting passed the numbing feeling in my fingers I griped the top of the ice cream like it was going jump out of my hands, it was has hard as a brick and could not be crushed.  I finally started to open the package, which sounded like sand paper scraping on a peace of wood.  With the rush of the cold running out of the package it smacked me in the face like jumping into ice-cold water.  The chocolate covered the ice cream like brown gold.  Biting into the brown gold ice cream sent a numbing shock to my teeth and traveled all the way down to my toes.  With the chocolate melting in my mouth and rich chocolate taste shocks the taste buds.   All comes to an end with the ice cream finally gone the numbing shock and rich taste fades away within seconds.