Iran “will press on with enrichment:” nuclear chief

Many countries are still concern about Iran developing nuclear weapons in the near future.  Iran says they are using uranium, which is used to make a nuclear weapons; uranium is being used for Tehran reactor that is for medical research.  Iran says its nuclear program is purely peaceful purposes only.  Countries like the U.S., China, Russia, France, Germany, and Britain are still concern that Iran is not doing what they say they are doing. The U.N. nuclear watchdogs have reported that Iran suddenly stopped converting uranium into oxide powder that is used for the reactor.

This is very newsworthy because Iran having nuclear weapons can be a bad thing for countries around Iran. It is also nice to hear that a hand full of countries are worried and are doing something about it.  People need to be aware what is going around in other countries because a lot of things can change really quickly if Iran or any other Middle East country contains nuclear weapons.

The author did a good job writing this story.  At the beginning it gave a person that was speaking on Iran’s behalf. Which is always nice to know because it gave the readers a certain person instead of Iran said this.  This story was more personal when that name was given. The author also included all the countries that are worried and trying to figure out what Iran is really doing with the uranium.  In the story it said the U.N. has watchdogs on Iran’s uranium and notifying countries if something is really wrong.  Overall this author gave a lot of detail on the information, which made the readers well informed about the problem.

One Response to “Iran “will press on with enrichment:” nuclear chief”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    At this point, it seems the US is lining up support for the day we have to blow something up. Consensus building among the super powers.