Abandoned baby deer adopted by dog, they become fast friends (video)

What can be more of an odd couple then a deer and a dog? Isobel Springett came across a fawn (baby deer) that was abandoned by the mother and was needing of care when he and his Great Dane Kate adopted the deer. The owner Springett calls it “a loving relationship.” Then the deer and the dog play together it is just like when two dogs play together. In the animal kingdom any kind of friendships could happen.

I believe this story is news worthy because it is unique.  A person never comes across a friendship that is a deer and a Great Dane. I believe that Great Danes were used in the 18th century to hunt deer and kill the deer. Dogs are truly the best animals to have as a friend in life. NATURE | Animal Odd Couples | Kate and Pip | PBS

This story was short but was well presented. The story had a short paragraph at the beginning before it led the reader into a Youtube video that had the dog and deer playing.  The author placed the video in the good spot in the story because the first paragraph tells the reader how the deer and dog became friends. After the video it has a couple of sentences that sums up the story and tells that a deer and a dog is not the only weird friendship out there.



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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Ted Nugent would not like this story. For everyone else: A feel good story if there ever was one.

  2.   Galen Hutchin Says:

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