Three Stories

Story 1

What can be more of an odd couple then a deer and a dog? Isobel Springett came across a fawn (baby deer) that was abandoned by the mother and was needing of care when he and his Great Dane Kate adopted the deer. The owner Springett calls it “a loving relationship.” Then the deer and the dog play together it is just like when two dogs play together. In the animal kingdom any kind of friendships could happen.

Story 2

Military dog Layka was give a medal after a heroic acted that saved her handlers life. The dog went into a building that was possibly booby trapped with explosives to clear it out. While searching in the building the dog was ambushed and was shoot several times that would end up her losing her leg. After being shot Layka was still able to attack the assailant and subdue him. When the handler was able to take away the threat, the dog was treated by her handler and physician assistant.

Story 3

Science story. Forgot to save the word document so have to go back and listen to the audacity to rewrite it

One Response to “Three Stories”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Remember that you need sources for the stories, Gage. People you know in the Guard could add to the second story. You need to be able to include additional voices. You WILL want to have someone read over this and work with you on it in order for it to read smoothly.