Border agents in fatal shooting had radio contact

One U.S. border patrol agent was killed by friendly fire during a early morning operation in Phoenix, Arizona. When a sensor was tripped at 1:30am October 2, three U.S. border Patrol agents went out the location to find what tripped the alarm. The three agents split up to cover more ground and have different angles on the area. This way they can trap who ever set the alarm off.  One agent was coming down from north while the other two were coming up from the south. The north agent Ivie fired at the two other agents ending up wounding one.  The two being shot at returned fire and killed Agent Ivie, 30, who has six years on the force. The third agent was uninjured from the firefight.  FBI agents took over the seen later that day to investigate what cased this shooting to start.

I believe that this story was news worthy because Border Patrol Agents put their life on the line to keep the United States safe from people that are not allowed to be in the country.  You also do not hear a lot about Border Agents that have done so much for the U.S.  It is always nice to read something about the agents and what they do for this country but it is sad that the only way they can get in the news is when friendly fire ends up killing one.

This article was written really why by giving us all the information that was released so far.  This story was easy to follow and the author had plenty of interviews from ex border agents that told how agents should not have shot unless they felt threaten.  The author also made you want to know more about what happen and why did the agent shoot without communicating with the others to see where each other were.  This was a great story with a lot of facts and information to let the public know what had happened.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    I like the point about the Border Patrol only getting headlines when it’s bad news. That’s tru, and not limited to the BP.