Southern Israelis disappointed by Gaza cease-fire

Many people in Southern Israelis are very disappointed that a cease-fire started on Nov. 14.  Many people are still scared of going outside and having a normal life again.  The interviews that were in this story talk about how Israel should keep fighting till Hamas is beaten and did not want to fight them anymore. Most civilians fear that the worse is to come when this cease-fire is over. Even though over 1500 missile have been fired at Israel and were aimed at major cities like Jerusalem. Civilians can only see that this situation is only going to get worse in the future and a full out war will break out, with lots of death.

This is very news worthy because the U.S. is allies with Israel and if they call we will come rushing.  This war will not just be a war against terrorist but a war against a nation that also has allies.  If this cease-fire ends and Israel starts to get crashed by Hamas and the U.S. has to come in then world war three can be a huge possibly.

This story was well written and had a lot of interviews of people, which made this story really personal. It also tells that Israel is not going to back down and will protect its ways from anyone that threatens it. The author shows that the Israel people are behind its army hundred and two percent and will support them no matter what. The U.S. people need to be aware of this war because we might be in there really soon.

One Response to “Southern Israelis disappointed by Gaza cease-fire”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    War and conflict just never seem to go away. The most recent cease fire seems to be holding, though. WW III is a bit of an overstatement. Nukes are unlikely, though Iran would more than likely be involved. Other superpowers — Russia, China, UK — would probably stay on the sideline. Hopefully we won’t find out.