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Passport Makeup-U.S. Victory in Iraq

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Once again, this is a also a very biased article.  It is just one more article that bashes the other party.  I am a conservative person, but I lean towards the middle more than most.  I tend to agree with republicans more, but I get so sick of the strong conservatives that are so arrogant.  This article must have been written by one of them.  I agree that it is somewhat of an American victory, but why is it that big of a deal?  We recognize the fallen soldiers no matter what.  This argument that it is an American victory more than an Iraqi victory is just being thrown out there for more argument.  Our country’s politics are disgusting right now.  Why can’t we disagree professionally.  I mean…aren’t these politicians “professionals.”  Sometimes they are the worst at blaming and tearing down the other party…cough cough Rick Perry cough….  It would be a lot more helpful and you would seem a lot brighter if you bring up the opposition’s views and analyze them professionally.  Then you can give your 2 cents based on your analysis.

Why doesn’t this work?  Oh yeah…America is too busy to listen.  We don’t want to listen to those candidates or politicians or even regular scholars who properly analyze things.  We want a quick fix or opinion that we can agree with that makes sense.  We want to act like we know and argue like it too.  So where do we get those quick opinions?  Answer:  Taking tid bits of what politicians say, and the radical opinions some have.  We also get our opinions from the media (Democrat or Republican) because the media sounds good.  Even if they don’t really know details of what they are talking about, they still sound good.


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  1. Dear WordPress,
    Thanks for the above, I’m going on a school trip soon, and I was wondering how long it takes for new passports to arrive, if I sent one off this weekend
    Also, are there any restrictions on makeup/hair colour?
    I have bright red hair atm, and I don’t wanna send a picture off if it’s going to be sent back cause it doesn’t fit in with requirements 🙂
    Catch you again soon!

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