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Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse

Today we ate at Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse.  I had never been there until today and was surprised by the whole experience.  I had always wanted to eat there, but I just never took the time to do so.  At the Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse restaurant, I definitely was able to fulfill my goal of trying something new.  They have a large selection on the menu, ranging from red meat to seafood.

Tokyo lunch Tokyo appetizer

The class had to split in half in order to fit around one of the Hibachi grills.  The chef cooked our food right in front of us, which was pretty cool.  For a drink, I ordered a glass of water and a Japanese soda pop.  The Japanese soda pop was interesting.  There were two kinds, strawberry or melon.  I chose the melon flavored fizzy drink.  It had to be the strangest think I have drank before.  The pop came in a class bottle and you had to use the top to punch this glass ball into the neck of the bottle in order to create the fizziness for the drink.  The carbonated beverage tasted pretty sweet with a hint of melon.  I actually really enjoyed it.  Before any appetizers or main entrees came out, the waitress brought everyone a salad.  The salad had a very distinct taste to it.  I think it had some peanut flavored sauce on it.  A classmate and I shared a teriyaki chicken appetizer, which was delicious!  The chicken was tender and flavorful.  My main entrée was a heaping pile of food!  I was able to take home extra for dinner later.  I ordered a lunch combination of mahi-mahi and swordfish.  The lunch combinations also came with fried rice and vegetables.  Everything to my meal was delectable.  I had never had mahi-mahi or swordfish before and I was surprised how “unfishy” both kinds of fish tasted.  The swordfish had more a texture more like read meat, while the mahi-mahi had a texture more like tilapia.  I enjoyed both kinds of fish and can definitely see myself ordering each type of fish another time.  The fried rice and vegetables were also very tasty!  The food was ready at different times, so I could not just eat everything right as it was done because I wanted to taste everything I had ordered.  Whenever the food was done, especially with the colorful veggies, the whole meal looked appetizing.  Watching the chef cook in front of us was very entertaining.  He would throw food and we would have to catch it in our mouth.  I was shocked by how much garlic butter the chef used in our food.  He came out with a gigantic mound of butter and easily used a good portion of it.  I have not been ordering many desserts during this class so today I decided to order green tea ice cream.  I like green tea and wondered how green tea ice cream would taste.  I ate all of the green colored ice cream.  Surprisingly, it was very delicious.  It had a mild taste.  I could taste the green tea, but it was not too potent.  After finishing the ice cream, I was plum full and the waitress gladly brought be a to go box.

Tokyo 1  Tokyo drink Tokyo main food TOkyo ice cream

I enjoyed my experience at the Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse.  It was pricier than the previous restaurants we have gone to, but it was well worth it.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasant.  It seemed very clean and peaceful.  I was able to try many new foods and drinks.  I would definitely recommend others to go to the Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse and can see myself going there again.