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Indigo Palette

Today we went to Indigo Palette.  I did not even know this restaurant existed until today.  It is located in downtown Sioux City on 4th street.  Indigo Palette is bar/coffee shop/art gallery all in one.  The interior has a very unique look.  I instantly liked the place as I stepped foot into it.  Their menu had many options to choose from, from beverages to appetizers to main entrees to desserts.  The step up of the restaurant was perfect too.  It somewhat wrapped around like an “L” shape.  Since we went there mid-day, it was pretty quiet.  My guess is that during the day it tends to be more of a coffee shop, while at night it turns into the downtown bar scene.  I would like to see if the calm and relaxing day atmosphere changes at all at night.

Indigo desserts menu Indigo Drinks Menu Indigo Sandwiches

Since Indigo Palette is part of a coffee shop, I wanted to order a coffee beverage.  There were so many choices; I decided to ask the waitress what her favorite drink was.  She told me she liked, The Climax.  I looked at what is was made of and it sounded delicious.  It was a coffee beverage with coconut, salted caramel, and white chocolate.  I love coconut, so I decided to try the drink, The Climax.  The drink was refreshing especially because it was iced.  I rarely buy sweetened coffee drinks, so this was a big change from my usual choice of black coffee with a little bit of milk.  I definitely enjoyed the drink, but there is know way I could drink one of those daily.  I did not order an appetizer because they do not serve them until 4:30.  I ordered the Quarter Pound Indigo Burger, which is stuffed with three choices.  I chose pepper-jack cheese, mushrooms, and bacon.  I also received a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  The Indigo Burger was very flavorful.  It took about 20 minutes to make, but it was definitely worth the wait.  The entrées my classmates ordered also looked tasty.  I ended up ordering dessert there too.  They had a lemon raspberry cheesecake I could not pass up.  The piece of cheesecake was gigantic!  The dessert platter was arranged nicely.  There was a raspberry syrup drizzled over the top of the piece of cheesecake, very decorative.  I love cheesecake and the lemon raspberry piece I had at Indigo Platte was one of the best flavors I have had.  Of course, even though I was extremely full, I still ate the whole piece.  I remembered to take a picture of both my drink and my salad, but forgot to take a picture of my burger.

Indigo Coffee Indigo Salad Indigo Chessecake

I would highly recommend the Indigo Palette to others if they wanted a unique coffee/small restaurant to eat at.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was perfect.  I love that kind of relaxed setting.  The artwork, which is also for sale, covered the walls.  This means that the decorations constantly change.  The price of the choices of food and drinks were not bad either.  The staff was very excited and happy to serve our large group too.  I think Morningside College would benefit with a place like this close to campus.  Like I said, I would recommend this restaurant and can see myself going there again.