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Today, we went to Minerva’s for lunch for our very last class.  It was sad because this class was so fun.  I have been to Minerva’s a few times, so I made sure I tried something new.  They have different menus for lunch and dinner.  The lunch menu does not have as many choices, but there was still a nice variety.  They had some special summer menu set out too.  They had so many choices to choose from, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what I wanted.  There was a separate menu for alcoholic drinks too, which I of course could not order from.

I ordered a glass of lemonade and a glass of water for my drinks.  The lemonade came in a tall glass with a sugared rim and a lemon wedge on the edge.  I shared an appetizer with my classmates who sat by me.  We ordered the portabella mushroom bruschetta and also the ham bruschetta.  I have never tried bruschetta before.  Both flavors were tasty, but I enjoyed the portabella bruschetta better.  There were a lot of pieces that came with each order.  We could not finish all of our appetizers.  For my main meal, I ordered the chicken avocado bacon sandwich.  I love chicken and avocado, so I thought it would be the perfect mix.  As my side, I ordered a fresh cup of fruit.  The sandwich was delicious.  The chicken was tender and I could taste all the flavors of the avocado, cheese, and bacon mixed together.  I could only eat half of the sandwich.  The fresh fruit was perfect.  It was a bowl of mixed fruit that included strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and grapes.  I am a huge fan of fruit, so I loved this.  Even though I was getting full after the appetizer and the half of my chicken sandwich, I could not pass up dessert at Minnerva’s.  They had numerous choices that all sounded delicious.  I ended up ordering a red velvet cupcake.  When the waitress brought it out my jaw dropped.  The cupcake was huge!  It was delicious.  The cupcake had a rich flavor.  The cream cheese frosting was thick and sweet.  I had a few bites and then asked for a take home box.  I was able to take home half of my sandwich and over half of my red velvet cupcake.  Overall, my meal was delicious.  I left Minnerva’s plum full.    

Minnerva's main meal Minnevas

I would recommend Minerva’s to others.  Once again, it was another restaurant more on the expensive side, but also well worth it.  The portions are pretty large and the quality of food is good.  The atmosphere was pleasant.  It was somewhat more on the fancier side, but still semi relaxed.  The music choice was not what I expected for that type of restaurant though.  I enjoyed it, but was surprised they played it at Minerva’s.  The staff was very friendly and very pleased to help us.  Our whole class of about 20 ate all together, so that defiantly slowed down the serving process.  This restaurant took the longest for use to get served, but I think it was because we had such a large group.  Everyone in the class seemed please with their experience at Minerva’s just like me.  I can see myself going there again in the future.