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El Tapatio

We went to El Tapatio today for lunch.  This restaurant serves authentic Mexican food.  I had never been to El Tapatio until today, but I had driven by it numerous times.  Everyone who has eaten there, that I have talked to, said it is a very tasty place to eat.  Their menu had plenty of entrées to choose from.  The house specials all sounded delicious.  They had numerous beverages and appetizers to choose from as well.  I love chicken fajitas and could not keep myself from ordering them, even though whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant I order fajitas.  I did not follow my rule of trying something new today, but I could not resist.  I forgot to take a picture of the menu :(.

Right as we were seated, the waitress brought out chips and salsa.  I think they like to fill you up on the chips before they even bring out the appetizers or meals because they constantly kept refilling the chip baskets.  I am a huge fan of chips and salsa, but I wish the salsa at El Tapatio were hotter.  It had a strong cilantro taste and was very mild.  I still ate my fair share because nothing can beat fresh homemade salsa.  Like I mentioned earlier, I ended up ordering the chicken fajitas.  The sizzling mixture of chicken, green peppers, and onions came out on a skillet along with another plate full of beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce, and sour cream.  Three wheat tortillas were also served.  I love guacamole with fajitas.  Overall, my meal was very tasty.  I could not come close to finishing it, so I had a nice portion left over for dinner.  My meal had a lot of colors to eat.  The arrangement of the food on the plate was nice and looked appetizing.  It seemed like all my classmates enjoyed their food as well.  Due to the large amount of food that came with my meal and all the chips and salsa I devoured, I had no room for dessert.  Their dessert menu was pretty slim too, but I feel like more people go there for the main entrées and beverages.  I enjoyed my experience at El Tapatio.

El Tapitio El Tapitio main course


If someone would ask me about El Tapatio, I would tell him or her that the food was delicious.  Honestly, I thought it was just like La Fiesta, which is also a tasty Mexican restaurant in the north side of Sioux City.  Depending on where the people were at, I would recommend either place.  The service at El Tapatio was normal.  The waiters and waitresses were very friendly.  I do no think they were expecting this large of a group, but we still received our food in a timely manner though.  The prices were pretty cheap too for the amount of food we got with each of our orders.  If I am in the Morningside area and want Mexican food, I can see myself going to El Tapatio again.  Next time I go there, I want to try new entrée off the menu though.