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Diamond Thai

Today we went to Diamond Thai for lunch, which was the last Asian restaurant we will go to for this class.  Once again, I have only been to this restaurant once in my life and ordered an eggplant dish.  Diamond Thai is a small quaint place close to downtown Sioux City.  The staff was very friendly and quickly served us.  We were the first people in the restaurant, but it quickly filled up.  They had a large selection of food and beverages.  I was surprised by all the different types of curry.  I never knew there were that many.

Da Kao Menu 2 Da Kao Menu 1 Da Kao menu Da Kao Drinks

I ordered something new.  I have had curry before, but I have never had red curry.  I ordered red curry chicken for my meal.  I did not get any appetizers today.  For my drink, I ordered a glass of water and their iced coffee.  I remembered I liked Da Kao’s iced coffee and decided to try Diamond Thai’s.  The iced coffee was served in a tall parfait glass.  It was refreshing.  It tasted like they added sweet cream into coffee.  I thought it was more like a dessert because of how creamy and sweet it was.  My meal was served later and came in a bowl with sticky white rice on the side.  The bowl of red curry chicken looked more like a soup to me.  I pictured in my head that my meal was going to be more a plate of food, and as not soupy.  It had a pungent smell to it.  I added some rice into the chicken curry mixture and dug in.  I really enjoyed it, but I thought it was going to be spicier.  I asked for the mild, but now I am wondering how spicy the hot flavor is.  I might have to go back and try it someday.  My meal cost $7.50 for the food and I do not remember how much the iced coffee was.  I would say the food was well worth the cost.  Some of my classmates ordered a dessert that had sweet coconut sticky rice with mangos.  I was full, so I did not order dessert, but in the end I wish I would have.  The mango looked so fresh and succulent.  Everyone said that dessert was the best.  Other people ordered fried bananas and ice cream.  They said it tasted like warm banana bread.  I think next time I go to Diamond Thai I need to order a dessert.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I think their curry dishes are one of the best in Sioux City.

Diamond coffee Diamond main food

I would recommend this restaurant to others.  This restaurant has pretty authentic Thai food.  Diamond Thai also serves food without curry for people who are not a fan of curry.  Not all their entrées are spicy.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was calm and quiet.  It had kind of a peaceful feel to it.   They have pictures on the walls and statues in the corners.  They have redecorated since the last time I have been there.  I like the new interior look better because it opens the restaurant up.  I can see myself going there again to order Thai food.