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Bev’s on the River

Today for lunch, we went to Bev’s on the River.  Ever since it opened in Sioux City, I had only been there once until today.  It is a pretty fancy restaurant.  The exterior of the restaurant is decorated nicely with flowers and of course the riverfront.  The interior looks elegant.  There are huge pictures hung up on the wall and the lighting fixtures are very unique.  The area where we were seated faced the river and the view was gorgeous.  The menu was full of a variety of food between the appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages.  Every dish sounded so good!  I had a difficult time figuring out what to order. 


I ordered a refreshing glass of lemonade for my drink.  It was served in a nice large blue wine glass with a lemon wedge on the side.  I did not order any appetizers because I did not want to be full for my main course dish.  I wanted to be able to enjoy it.  I ordered Bev’s Chicken, which was a chicken breast covered in gorgonzola cheese with spinach and sun dried tomatoes on top.  Grilled vegetable also came with it.  For my side, I ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar.  The salad was a typical salad, nothing too special about it.  The chicken, on the other hand, was amazing.  It was tender and very flavorful.  I am not a huge fan of cheese, but this dish had the perfect about of cheese on top.  The spinach and sun dried tomatoes were also a nice touch.  Every bit had the perfect ratio of every flavor.  The way it looked and how it was arranged when it was served made the dish mouth watering.  I only ate half of it because I wanted to save room for dessert.  There were so many choices that sound so delicious; I knew I had to order a dessert.  Since I have never eaten tiramisu before, I decided to order it.  The tiramisu looked delectable when the waitress brought it out.  The plate was decorated very nicely.  The tiramisu had designs on it as well.  I was surprised with how it tasted.  I never really knew what was in tiramisu, but I loved it!  It was also very rich, so I had a difficult time finishing it.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Bev’s on the River.

Bevs main course Bevs Salad Tiramisu Bevs


I would definitely recommend Bev’s on the River to others.  I would tell them it is not the cheapest restaurant to eat at, but it is well worth it.  The food is delicious and the view, as long as you are by the river, is beautiful.  The staff was very friendly and seemed very glad to serve our class.  We did split up into two groups though in case they did not want to serve a group of 20 people.  Even for a group of 10, the service was pretty quick for how much food we ordered.  I can see myself going there again, but more for a special event.  Since it is a fancier restaurant, I would not go there for a quick meal.  Bev’s on the River is also a family friendly restaurant too.  I can see a family going there for a special occasion.  I was pleased with my experience at Bev’s.