I would take myself out to by a Bugatti Centodieci. The color of it would be matte black with some chrome as a secondary color. The neon under kit will shine on the road below it ass it drives off the dealership lot. The car will be loud so everyone around looks to see it. As I drive it home I will see many people pulling out their phones to catch a picture of my sweet new ride. The cost is about 10 million dollars but it is one of top sports cars in the world as there are only ten in the entire world. When you open the suicide doors the all black interior will give off the refreshing new car smell. The lights inside the car and door will be a good accent to the interior. The loud subs will make it so everyone on the street can hear the bass coming from your music. When I drive it home my mother will be very mad as she would never want me to drive a car like that. She views the car as dangerous while I see it as an adrenaline rush every time you get in. When giving it away just about anyone would want it. Not everyone would want to drive and keep it but they would take it just to resell it and make an enormous profit. While some other people may keep it just to use it as their primary vehicle.

Morningside Girls Basketball team looking to Build off Impressive 2020 Campaign

The Morningside girls basketball team is coming  off an outstanding year in 2020, and is looking forward to the upcoming season. 

The team will be lead by a returning first team all-american Sierra Mitchell and honorable mention all america Sophia Peppers

I sat down with sophomore point guard Alexis Spier who is very excited about the upcoming season. Alexis played an important but minimum role on varsity as freshman last year. 

Her favorite part of her freshman campaign was getting to play during the National Tournament. 

The team is returning 4 out 5 starters from last year, but they did lose some valuable defensive players.

Alexis said, “Me and some other teammates have really put an emphasis on improving our defense this offseason and preseason.”

Their goal is to help fill the role and bring the same energy to the team that the Faith and Grace, who graduated, brought to every game. 

The ending of last year was a hard one for the team last year as they were two wins away from winning the National tournament. 

Alexis believes that being this close to winning it all has taught the team many lessons that they will be able to bring into this upcoming season. 

The team had a thrilling performance during the 2020 national tournament, the team thrived off of the hometown crowd. The tournament was located in Sioux City, nebraska and Alexis believed “the energy brought by the fans helped us to play our best every game”

The upcoming season will kickoff in under a month as team will travel to play Saint Xavier in Illinoi on November 5th. The team is excited for this road trip and has big goals of winning a National championship this year.  

My Last Conversation

The last conversation I had was with my mother over the phone after my football practice. I was walking through the stairs on my way to my room. She was driving so it was very noisy in the background of the call. I asked to speak with my little sister as it is her birthday today. My mom told me she was at dance class.

I said, “can you have her call me when she gets out.”

My mom told me she will have her call me. Then I told her goodbye and I hung up.


Opening the yellow wrapper filled that is decorated with many brights colors. When pulling the gusher out you may see a variety of color as it could be a red, orange, green, or blue. The gushers are stuck together and takes some force to pull them apart.

When you first bite into them it is often very chewy and takes some force to break through the outer gummy shell. Once the shell pops your mouth is filled with a sweet and fruity liquid. The sugar full candy burst in your mouth and gives a refreshing feeling.

The 7 gushers; 3 green, 2 orange, and 2 red gives the eater a chew of a fruit snack but the surprise of a fruity liquid.

John Gonsler interesting Career route, led to Morningside University

John Gonsler has had an interesting route to end up becoming one of the newer professors at Morningside University. Gonsler began his career as a police officer, which he did not particularly enjoy.
Gonsler did not like the politics of the police department as he described the sheriff by saying, “was dirtier than a pig’s dick.”

This lead to Gonsler going a different direction by becoming a correctional officer. He worked in a medium to maxim security prison for 6 months. In this time, He was out numbere 160 prisioners to one guard.

He was not well protected as he only had a can of pepper spray, handcuffs, and a walkie. To help describe some of the prisoners he mentioned that an individual benched 405 pound multiple times. The craziness was described by an individual prisoner and the pet birds. The pet birds were dead and put into the heating pot. 

Gonzler decided this was not the best route for him as a carrier, so he decided to go back to school.

In his time back in school, he became pen pals with the unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. 

Ted Kaczynksi was not a easy person to get to respond to people, but Gonzler said, “If you want to be pen balls, you have to find an in.” 

The letter exchanges occurred for a couple months until Gonsler wrote a question Kacznski did not like. Gonzler was put on a federal security list for almost a decade. 

Gonzler though through many different ideas for what he wanted his carrer path to be. 

Morningside stood out as he was given the opportunity to grow the Criminal Justice Department.

He is now in his second year at Morningside and really enjoys “teaching the Criminal Justice intro class.” 

Gonzler goal is to help his students to find the career that is best for them, he does this by “exposing students to the good and bad of all these positions”

Judge Pauses Texas Abortion Law

A federal judge puts a pause on a recent law passed in texas that bans nearly all of abortions state wide. This law has been in the news a lot as it is a very questionable law in many people’s eyes. Judge Pitman said,  women have been unlawfully prevented from exercising control over their own lives in ways that are protected by the Constitution.” The group of people supporting the bill are unhappy with the judges decision as they feel the bill has saved “4,700 babies” in only a month. There will continue to be many court battles over this law and we will see in future whether it is considered constitutional or not.
The authors, Kattie Beener and Sabrina Tavernise, did a great job of explaining the situation going on in Texas. They gave important background information which made it easier to understand the situation going on. The authors also did a good job of explaining both sides of the argument. They used quotes from the judge who does not support the bill while also relaying information from people who do support the bill. Overall, the authors do a great job of using great detail and information to explain the situation going on in Texas. 

I feel this is news as the Texas abortion law has been a big topic since it was introduced around a month ago. This bill is very controversial and the final decision on it will have a major impact for the future. If the law is proven constitutional then the law may spread throughout many states in the United States. This story is important as it will have a major impact on Texas and depending on the decision could impact the rest of the country. 

Supply Chain in Chaos, Schools struggling to Serve Lunch

Schools throughout the United States are struggling to serve meals to students. This is due to the labor shortages across the country. This is a huge problem as many students rely on these lunches for nutrition and in some cases the students only source of a meal for the day. Covid-19 is definitely to blame as it has completely disrupted the distribution chain for these schools. 97% of school meal planners are concerned about receiving the meals for the week due to how big of a cluster the supply chain is. A school in Missouri has been using Sam’s club to get frozen pizzas to serve to students. This is a very important rising issue as the children need this meal at school as it may be there only one for the day. 

I feel this author did a good job of giving background information and details to help the audience understand. The labor shortages are having a huge impact on many things in the United States but this is one not many people know about. The author does a created job using facts and many details to describe the situation. I feel the author did a great job bringing attention to this issue. Overall, the article is very informative and well written. 

I found this to be very interesting as I had no clue this was happening in schools. I think this is very important for people to know about as this can affect many children. This can be seen as news as it affects the majority of parents and children throughout the country. Overall, this article sheds light on an issue that is going almost unnoticed even though it is very important.

Zach Olsen transition to College during Covid

I got the privilege to sit down with Zach Olsen and talk about the struggles hes faced with Covid while being in college. Zach says, “I do not feel I have gotten a true college experience.” Covid has not allowed for many day to day things that go on in college to happen. He found the hardest part through this whole thing is wearing mask as they can be a distraction. Zach does not find the online learning environment to be working as, “there are too many distractions around me in my room.” Covid has not only affected Zach in his learning but also with his sports. He felt that Covid made it much harder for the basketball team to bond. The bonding was hard because outside of practice they are not supposed to be in big groups. This was because they did not want the whole team to get quarantined if one player gets Covid. Zach understood this though as he had been quarantined twice and nobody wants that for anybody on the team. Although Covid has been very hard for Zach and his college experience, but he felt the biggest help was the teachers. The teachers have helped and been very understanding through the pandemic. Zach said, “I am ready for Covid to be over and get back to a normal College life.”

Carl Nassib ‘s Huge Impact on and off the Field (9.23)

Carl Nassib is now the first openly gay NFL player to compete in a regular season game. Not only did he play but he made a huge impact for his team helping them beat the raiders 33-27. Nassib forced a fumble from Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, which the Raiders then scored two plays later to win the game. Carl is the only openly gay player to play in the league in its 102 year long history. Ownership and fans are both happy with the acceptance of him as it was not a major deal that he is openly gay. If anything there has been much acceptance and promotion of him as within 24 hours of him announcing he was gay his jersey became the top selling NFL jersey. Carol Nassib is first player to put himself out there as openly gay while still competing in the NFL.

The author did a great job in this article describing the history of the NFL and how there have never been an openly gay player playing in a regular season game. He also noted the history of Car Nassib and the events that have happened since he has announced that he is gay. I felt the most positive part of the article is how much the author talked about the overall impact he had on the game. Overall, the author did a great job of giving readers a complete understanding of the history of the situation and how it is working out for Carl Nassib. 

This is interesting news in the football world as it shows change that is currently occurring in football. Also what it shows is the support for Carl Nassib as where a couple decades ago there may be little to no support for Carl. Carl’s story does a great job showing the cultural changes in not just football but all of society. This is why Carl’s story can be seen as news as not only did he have an amazing performance but he is also creating history.

Controversial Law gives Citizen Power and Rewards

The State of Texas recently passed a new abortion law that can be enforced by just citizens in which the citizens receive massive award for enforcing the law. . 

The new law states that abortions can no longer take place after six weeks from the pregnant person’s last menstrual cycle. The government is not enforcing this law as it requires citizens to enforce by suing. 

We have already seen this law being enforced as a Texas doctor, Alan Braid, is now being sued by a former felon from Arkansas. The Washington post reported he does not necessarily care for new law but is just trying to capitalize on the 10,000 dollar reward. 

We may see in coming weeks many more situations similar to this as citizens are chasing the incentives the government is offering.

This law can spread throughout the country as The Washington Post Reported that this new law in Texas may be spreading into other states. It is reported that seven states have considered copying Texas’ new abortion law.

The law is protected from the Supreme Court since the law is enforced by private Citizens. This was purposefully designed to withstand any unconstitutional claims. 

Sonia Sotomayer, a Supreme Court Justice, said, “an extraordinary step of enlisting private citizens to do what the State could not.” Nothing in this law has been proven to be unconstitutional even though many do not agree with the law. 

The law is taking advantage of citizens’ desire for the ten thousand dollar award to enforce this law.

Some feel that this law basically eliminates abortions in the state of Texas. Especially due to the fact many women in the United States do not know that they are pregnant by 6 weeks. 

Under these laws it makes it almost impossible for someone to get an abortion. For a woman to try to get a judicial bypass is very difficult and some may say impossible. Once the teenager is able to get infront of the a judge and plead her case as why she should be allowed to get an abortion, the judge now has 5 days to make his decision.

If the judge denies her case, the woman now has no other options but to have the baby. This is due to the fact that an appeal process would take too long.

  Many people are upset due to the fact people who were raped have few options to abort the child. Although the Texas Governor, Greg Abbot says, “It provides at least six weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion.” The reason people are upset is that many women do not know they are pregnant till at least four weeks. 

The toll on women may be the worst thing for these women as a study of a large number of women found that women who were forced to have the child suffered extreme physical and mental concerns. The concern does not just stop there it also continues with financial struggles. 

There will never be a concise opinion on this issue so this problem will continue for years to come.