Words with Friends App Review
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Words with Friends App Review

Words With Friends(03.02.2017) By Kayla Perkins — May the best friend win. You will be challenged to earn the highest score in the world’s most popular word game, Words with Friends.

Words with Friends is a social word game, much like the classic board game Scrabble. Paired with friends or strangers, players are given seven tiles to make the highest scored word, challenged with intertwining their words with their opponents.

A round of Words with Friends begins with an empty board with various bonuses scattered across it, and seven tiles for players to make words. Players then take turns intertwining their words to gain points, until the board is filled and players run out of tiles. The player with the highest score wins, and each player can either end the game there or start a rematch.

Since I’m an English major, Words with Friends is one of my favorite games, and becomes incredibly competitive for me.

The game is never boring, as the different people I play against are able to come up with of words that I wouldn’t even think of.

Words with Friends is very easy, as you only have to place tiles on a board, but thinking of odd words worth a lot of points requires a lot of thinking.

Players at Morningside are very active, so there is very little down time between turns if you have a lot of games going at once.

Overall I enjoy the game, and would recommend it to anyone with a competitive streak or those who enjoy a simple game that brings friends together. I would give the game a 5/5.
Words with Friends is developed by Zynga, and is available for free on Android and iOS.

March 2, 2017