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Monday September 16th 2019



Finals Week is coming; Take care of yourself

Stressed Man(12.6.16) By Alyssa Nehring–Coming back from Thanksgiving break and jumping right into finals week can be stressful for students. Finals give students a lot to worry about, including passing classes, GPA, being eligible for the next semester of athletics, and even graduation.

The levels of stress quickly rise throughout the pressure of finals week. Bobbi Meister, on-campus counselor, is an independently licensed clinical social worker. She says she can feel the stress levels, “When the students come back after Thanksgiving break is when it sets in.”

Meister notices other signs of stress as the semester comes to an end. “Students are either too busy to come in or the session is school orientated,” comments Meister. More and more students are coming into student health, however. “This could be caused by stress”, says Meister.

Meister has some tips to combat finals-related stress. Having a plan or creating a timeline is a good way to start decreasing finals stress. Once a plan is in place, prioritize the plan any way you want. “Completing an item and checking it off of the list can create a sense of accomplishment,” says Meister.

While studying taking breaks is always a good idea, agrees Meister. “The breaks have to be quality breaks. Go take a walk, or hang out with friends, but don’t use that break watching Netflix.”

Taking care of yourself during final is very important. Making sure you’re eating enough of ‘good for you’ foods and getting enough rest can help take the stress levels down.

“I really try to encourage people to see it as one day, project, test at a time. Don’t focus on the long list,” says Meister. To visit with Meister please make an appointment at under campus office tab, within student health and counseling, click book now.