It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling TINDER!

tinderBy Katie Copple– It’s growing in popularity and the latest trend in online dating, although I’m not sure if it’s categorized as online dating. The iPhone and Android app Tinder was launched in September of 2013 and using an individual’s Facebook page, is aiming to make “dating” easier.

Over nine million couples have been matched using online dating sites like eHarmony.com and OKCupid.com, with that the detailed profiles and endless questionnaires have become more of a hassle than useful. Tinder is exactly the opposite. Signing in using your Facebook profile, Tinder is your modern day “hot or not” game.

The app allows you to scroll through possible matches based on your location, showing only pictures featured on an individual’s profile, where you can either “like” someone or pass them over. Want to know more about your possible suitors before you “like” them? Tinder uses your Facebook profile to show you mutual friends, common interests and a small bio, but little else.

So how do you get a “match?” You “like” each other! Once you get a match, messaging begins. Working a lot like texting, Tinder allows you to message matches within the app, helping you get to know your match more than just a face and age.

This app has reached the campus of colleges all across the area and yes, even Morningside College. I spoke to a 20-year old Morningside junior who downloaded the app just a week ago, and already has 40 matches. How does she choose who she “likes” on Tinder? She looks at mutual interests and if they have things in common, especially music, it’s a “like!”

“I purposefully skip Morningside College students because I don’t want to run into them in real life,” she said with a grin, “there are a lot of creepy people out there.”

So why did she get Tinder? “I was bored,” she said, “and this app is a good ego boost.”

Her advice for anyone using or looking into getting the app is simple; you have to make your profile worth checking out. “There are three things you need to do with your Tinder profile, choose pictures that accurately show yourself, put effort into your bio, and most importantly, don’t lie!”

“My roommate was on Tinder and talking to a guy she really liked,” she said, “then found his Facebook page and found out he had a mullet. Morel of the story is that people are not always what they seem.”

As this interview was happening, she received two new matches and a new message proving that Tinder does indeed lead to something. This app may be the start of the next wave of revolutionized dating, making it easier for people all over the world to connect and with Tinder. The love of your life could be right in your own backyard.



February 11, 2014