Movie Review: That Awkward Moment
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Movie Review: That Awkward Moment

awkwardmomentBy Natalie Waller–Valentine’s Day is coming. Do you have a crush, but you don’t want to take them to a sappy love story so they get the wrong idea from your date? Take them to the movie That Awkward Moment.

Your date will want to see this movie. Or maybe she’ll just stare at the main characters for almost two hours. Zach Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are three best friends in the movie and they seem to be in an awkward stage with their relationships.

The three hit the bars and try to get girls nightly, but they are all hiding their secret love lives from each other. Men don’t want their bros to know they want to be in a relationship. Well this may cause some troubles for these three. The awkward moment comes for all three guys when they get to the, “So where is this going” point. A few bumps in the road happen for all three men, one that may have your date in tears, but it makes them build stronger relationships and it all ends in happiness, maybe.

Josh Mohr attended this movie and commented, “I want Zach Efron’s life in this movie: meeting women, having an awesome job in the city, and rocking an awesome style.”  Zach may not have the easiest time landing a girlfriend but he sure looks good while trying.

Take your lady to That Awkward Moment and you both will be laughing and maybe even shedding a few tears. Be ready for that awkward moment after the date though when she asks you, “So where’s this going?”

February 12, 2014