Golf team fundraiser is a hole in one!

By Sarah Davy ~ On Saturday March 24th, the golf teams put on their first annual pancake breakfast feed. It was held in the Yockey room and was definitely a success. Everyone worked together to cook and serve the food on the spot.

Coach Todd Sapp said, “It was a great bonding experience for the teams.”

Various companies, including Mercy Medical, Sodexo, as well as friends and family donated supplies.

On the menu were pancakes, sausage, juice, milk, and coffee. Over 200 people attended this event, allowing the golf team to more than break even. The breakfast was supposed to be held in the Roadman Formal, but because of a small capacity, it had to be moved to the Yockey room. The team is going strong and has high hopes for this spring season.

The team’s next meet is held in Lawrence, Kansas.

March 26, 2012