Morningside Student of the Week: Kelsey Nelson

Morningside Student of the Week: Kelsey Nelson

By Brittany Conolly ~
Meet Kelsey Nelson, a sophomore at Morningside College. Kelsey came to Morningside to study in the Education department. However, after a while in this area, Kelsey took a survey that pointed her in the direction of Mass Communication.  After finding her groove in the Department of Mass Communication Kelsey decided she really liked being on the radio and learning about television.

After graduation Kelsey would like to be involved in radio or television. Being a sophomore also leaves the door open for being a reporter or writing news stories. With help from her professors she will learn a lot about the study of Communications. Once Kelsey graduates she will strive to use her knowledge of Communications to be on the airwaves or in the papers.

March 20, 2012