The sweater vest returns

By Michelle Kuester–
Sweater vests. Once considered apparel of the past, could they be making a return? From wool to synthetic fibers and at all different price points, how could they not return to popularity?

I came across Dave Madsen, chair of the Department of Mass Communication, and asked his opinion on the hard-hitting subject of sweater vests.

“I like sweater vests. In the wintertime, I like wearing sweater vests,” said Madsen.

I caught up with Morningside student Ryan Tellinghuisen and got his view on sweater vests.

“They’re a nice fashion statement. They go well with a nice pair of slacks. Have I ever owned a sweater vest? No, but I’d like to. And yes, I would be interested in owning one in the future when I’m middle-aged and driving a Corvette. If given the opportunity, yeah, I’d rock one. I’d wear one to social gatherings and fine dinners,” Ryan explained.

Next, I talked sweater vests with Morningside student Chuck Szitas. “Sweater vests are good. When I wear sweater vests I don’t look like the old men you see in stereotypical commercials. They are good for dressing up. They are good for playing up the color of a tie and for making a whole outfit come together. It is more of a complementary thing, As opposed to basing the whole outfit off of it. I own one and I only wear it on extra special occasions. I would own more than one, but they are pretty expensive and I’m in college and on a budget. But when I need to dress up and look sophisticated, I really love to put on my sweater vest, especially with a red tie.”

It appears as though the trend is coming back. The popularity of the sweater vest may alter over the years, but no one can deny just how functional and fashionable they can be. Look out sweaters, there’s a new thread in town, and it doesn’t have sleeves.

November 30, 2010