Christmas Trends for College Students

Christmas Trends for College Students

by Josie Dike–Looking for a way to make your plain-old college dorm room more festive for the holidays? Here are three ways to deck the halls this year.

First on the list, add a Christmas tree! Some traditions consist of embarking on a journey into the forest to chop down the perfect tree, but living in a 12X19 space may limit these festivities. 

Megan Keller, Morningside University student says, “I like to bring my blue and sparkly Christmas tree because it makes it feel more like Christmas.”

Another creative way to incorporate a tree for that Christmas feel is getting some LED lights and arranging on the wall with Command Strips in the form of a tree. It’s easy and takes up little to no space!

Second, decorate your doors! A simple wreath or sticky window decals on the front of your door adds some spirit to your room and your hall- and your neighbors might follow your lead!

Lastly, candles are absolutely prohibited in the dorm rooms, but scentsy pots do not require an open flame. Add your favorite Christmas smell to your room such as peppermint, gingerbread, or pine needles to remind you that Christmas break is around the corner and finals are coming to an end!

December 15, 2022

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