We Deserve Monuments- Book Review
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We Deserve Monuments- Book Review

by Payton Miller — We Deserve Monuments- Book ReviewReleased November 29th, We Deserve Monuments has made waves in unexpected ways across social media. 

We Deserve Monuments, a book by Jas Hammons, follows the story of 17 year-old Avery Anderson as she moves with her family from Washington DC to the small town of Bardell, Georgia. Avery’s life in DC is uprooted suddenly when she learns that her estranged grandmother is sick and cannot live alone anymore. 

Bardell is located in the heart of the deep south and the book tackles the controversy of institutional racism that still exists in some parts of the country. Avery is thrown into a community much different from her own and is forced to adapt to the new world around her.

Suddenly the things that were important to her before become less and less important as she discovers her family’s history in the town of Bardell. Mysteries unfold around her as she comes to know the grandmother she always had but never knew. 

The title of the book itself has created controversy from people with opposing beliefs; however, the storyline of the book does not come across as politically charged. The underlying tones of racism in the South are not the overarching point of the book. 

If you are looking for a quick winter read, Jas Hammons’ We Deserve Monuments is a heartwarming story for any reader.

December 11, 2022

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