Soccer Season Breakdown

Soccer Season Breakdown

by Rena Ketelsen–Morningside’s soccer seasons ended with the women’s team and the men’s team in sixth place in the conference.

This end was quite “disappointing” for both teams, coach Tom Maxon stated. The women’s team started out with some wins and both teams played good soccer. According to Maxon, there were initially high hopes for the season in both teams.

However, a lack of goals had both teams lose some games. Despite statistics like ball possession, which oftentimes were in the teams’ favor, neither team was able to score many goals.

“On both teams, we couldn’t find a goal scorer, or goal scorers, and would give up stupid goals, especially on the men’s side,” Maxon explained. “So that was a common thread throughout the whole season.”

Robin Thomala, a senior, stated, “The season ended really early because we did not play to our full potential.”

According to him, the men’s team needs to improve offensively and defensively for the next year. Similarly, Megan Messersmith, a senior, argued, “We need to create a cohesive picture so we can score and not get scored on.”

She also stated the team needs to start working together more as a team in her opinion. There is potential, but in sections, according to her.

Despite that, both teams played good soccer, Maxon pointed out. “We moved the ball well, had the most shots and possession and all of that,” he said.

Thomala noted that the men’s team was able to come back from a lot of games when they were down by multiple goals. He pointed out that the team fought for every game.

Messersmith mentioned that some of the best soccer was played against strong teams.

With regard to the next season, Messersmith said, “I think the players should take away the fact that we still did some amazing things this season and they’re going to have an amazing opportunity to rebuild the program since we’re losing eight seniors.”

Since nine women are graduating (eight of which are players) and seven men, there will be some new room to change and improve for the next season.

December 10, 2022

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