Swimmers Prepare for Upcoming Season

Swimmers Prepare for Upcoming Season

By Josie Dike–With a busy schedule advancing, Mustang swimmers are biting the bullet and putting in the yards for the upcoming season. 

On Saturday October 8, the Morningside swim team hosted the Intersquad meet at the HPER pool. In this meet, the team competed against one another to get some times marked down in the books, as well as have a little fun before the big part of the season begins. 

Head Coach of Morningside Swimming Bryan Farris said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing people swim in the events they like to swim,” he continued, “the Intersquad meet was a lot of fun but I think once people are in the events they like to swim, they will be more competitive.”

Looking forward, Farris said, “People are starting to get into better shape and get into the groove of the season, so we’ll have a nice fall break and then once we’re back it’ll be time to get right into it.”

In the prospective future, Mustangs will continue their hard work in the pool through the months of October and November to prepare for the midseason taper meet in early December.

 “I think that during this time we will have the first semester behind us, and having a little bit of rest will help and I think that’s when we will kind of let loose and get after it,” Farris stated.

After the fast approaching fall break, Mustangs will head to the Midland University Invitational on October 29 for their first official meet of the season.

October 11, 2022

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