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‘365 Days’ returns; Massimo v. Nacho (scandalous!)

by Chloe Pieper–The sequel to 365 Days, 365 Days: This Day, was finally released April 27. Women all over have been anticipating this steamy romance movie drop for a year. 

Polish movies are chaotic as they are steamy. The main male character, Massimo, is a mafia leader that kidnapped the woman, Laura, in the last movie. He proposed that Laura has a year to fall in love with him. 365 Days ended on a cliffhanger and the sequel didn’t explain what happened as other movies tend to do. 

The soundtrack to 365 Days: This Day is immaculate. The man that plays Massimo sings some of the more scandalous songs, which adds to the aura of the movie. Other songs have a nice beat and melody. The overall music is very intimate and steamy. 

This Day is very confusing just for the fact that some things in the last movie are not explained in this one. I cannot divulge what it is, just for the fact that it might spoil both movies. However, towards the end of This Day it brought up the topic.  

I was excited for the sequel but it did not turn out like I thought it would. It features so many raunchy scenes that it feels like there was no real storyline. I know that there was a rivalry between Massimo and a new guy named Nacho. There was a lot of drama between the two and you never really know who Nacho is until the last few minutes. 

Besides all the scandalous scenes, it seems like there is some sort of plotline. Laura is completely unhappy in her relationship with Massimo and runs away from her problems like everyone does. Massimo is a guy that likes control and telling people what to do. Laura is a free-spirited woman so she does not do what Massimo wants. We find out that Massimo has a twin brother and a whole new scandal happens. 

I had to read an article about what happened to actually understand what happens in This Day because the movie does not explain it well.  

Overall, This Day is not what I hoped for. I figured it would give some sort of storyline rather than just raunchy scene after raunchy scene. There was so much going on but no real motive behind it. How can one just do that? I think I will be scarred for life. However, the production company is in the works for a third movie. Hopefully it will be better than the last one.

Be aware that this film is rated R and has a 2.6/10 rating on IMDb.

May 1, 2022

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