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Fishing report: May 2022

by Bryce Griffin–The spring season is under way, and the warmer weather will bring fish more towards the top waters. As for now fish will remain either in the deeper parts of bodies of water or, if you’re lucky, you may be able to tempt a fish into a mid-level bite, but those would be less likely at this time still. If you cannot get a bite within 30 minutes of being in a location, you have two options: change baits, or change spots. The fish within the vicinity may not be interested in what you are offering up. 

Overall report: Fishing as of now is still not in the best conditions due to the weather remaining just cold enough to keep the fish in deep waters. Trout will start to move up with the rises in temperature along with the rest of the fish. The trout level is a good indicator on where other fish are located. Consider yourself lucky if you catch a fish at this time in shallow or mid-level waters. When fishing, consider the waters you are fishing in and get a bait that matches the colors of the body of water. 

Ex. Missouri River: large bait, but darker coloration for the murky waters. A sinker for non-moving baits so they may sit in one area without being pulled down river.

Bass report: Bass are the favorite choice of most avid fishermen just for their fighting ability and hard-hitting bites. Bass will begin to spawn this month (April) and into May. Spawning is the least likely time for you to get a bite.

Bass will bite on almost all types of bait you throw in the water as long as it is not bigger then the fish you are trying to catch. Bass will remain at the bottom for now with the colder weather; as it warms up they will start to graduate to the middle waters as they always do throughout the year. (Species that can be caught in the state of Iowa: Ocean Striped Bass, Rock Bass, Spotted Bass, Largemouth and Smallmouth, Yellow Bass, White Bass, Wiper)

Catfish report: Catfish can range anywhere from the size of your finger when first born to bigger then you! Catfish will eat anything that smells absolutely terrible and makes sense. These fish will remain at the bottom as they always do throughout the year. (Species that can be caught in the state of Iowa: Flathead, Channel, Blue, White)

Trout report: Trout are already being caught by fishermen in the area. Trout are a colder weather fish and normally will sit in all levels of water depending on their specific needs. (Species that can be caught in the state of Iowa: Brook, Brown, Rainbow)

Crappie report: Crappie are a quick striking fish that love tiny minnows. If your bait gets hit right as it hits the water, you probably have a good chance of it being a crappie. These are a good pan-frying fish and an Iowa favorite. 

Sunfish report: Any sunfish are usually very aggressive, but always give up a heck of a fight for their size. If you run into any over 10 inches, make sure it isn’t a state record. Also good for baitfish for catfish when cut up. (Species that can be caught in the state of Iowa: Black, White, Classic Crappie, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Green Sunfish, Red Ear sunfish)

Iowa residents’ licenses can be purchased through your local dealer of licenses, or you can get one at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website. Resident licenses are $22 for a standard license with an option of a trout permit for an additional $14.50 for the year. Nonresidents will have to pay $48. Daily, 3-Day, and a weekly pass are also an option.

Nebraska resident licenses can be bought at $8 by going to Nebraska game and parks website. An out of state licenses is $84. If you are only looking to fish for the day it is $14.50, and a 3-day pass is $37

May 1, 2022

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