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Living things inspire Folsom’s art

by Payton Miller–Senior Haylie Folsom presents her art showcase “The Lonely Planet” beginning April 25th through the 29th in the Eppley art gallery.

A gallery inspired by living things that currently roam or at some point roamed the earth. Subjects that will be on display range from dinosaurs, to deer, and even some smaller animals like squirrels. Each piece is a culmination of her time here at Morningside.

The mediums displayed at the show will be painting, drawing, and printmaking. Three mediums that she has spent countless hours over the years perfecting. She uses bright colors and realistic designs to create unique works of art.

Folsom got her artistic start with the help of her grandmother. “She’d set me down with some paper and some crayons and just tell me to go for it. Then she started entering my drawings into newspaper contests and I won them a couple of times.” Folsom said.

Coming into college as an undecided major she finally settled on art after having taken a couple of classes from the department.

Fans of Folsom’s art gallery have the chance to see more of her work after graduation. She is currently working on another show this coming August in collaboration with her grandmother. While the show has yet to be named the location is set for Folsom’s hometown, Atchison, Kansas.

“It’ll be cool to see our different art styles come together in one show.” She said.

May 1, 2022

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