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Clair uses music to express freedom

Brandyn Clair

by Alexis Spier–Mass Communication major, Brandyn Clair snuck out with his father’s Jay-Z album when he was a child. He wanted to listen to — Brandyn claims — the king of rap. Clair fell in love with the music and ever since then has wanted to make his own music.

“The whole reason I am into rap, is because of Jay-Z,” said Clair. “When I was a child, I found my connection to the black community through this little iPod I would steal from my dad. I would watch the Chapelle Show, and when I was a little older I would steal his Jay-Z tapes in the middle of the night and listen to them in his truck.”

Clair’s father received that Jay-Z album as a gift. He was more into old school funk and soul music; he did not want his son listening to the album because of the vulgar language. Despite his father’s efforts, Clair found an even bigger love for music through the “American Gangster” album.

When he was 13 he found another spark at the barber shop. The barber cutting Brandyn’s hair was also a DJ. When the barber had no appointments, he would spin tracks in the shop. While Clair’s dad was getting his hair cut, he asked if he could give it a shot spinning some of the records. After that, every time Clair needed a haircut, he would also spin the records.

His junior year of high school he made his first song called “Blue Love.” It was a country song mixed with blues.

“The song was really bad,” said Clair. “It was just an open snare and a baseline, and it didn’t have anything else except me singing on a cheap iPhone mic.”

Clair likes to speak on important issues of the world in his music. A few things he has addressed in his music are racism, homophobia, and wealth. He likes to focus on working class issues he believes need to be addressed.

The first foundation he used to produce his music was Soundcloud. He went under the name of B Clair, inspired by J Cole. Later he changed his name to something different and unique: Burrito Brandyno. However, he is thinking of shortening the name to Dyno. Today, Clair’s music is available on all platforms.

“My little brother is a terrible artist,” Clair stated. “When he was twelve, he drew a picture of a dinosaur, and I use that as my logo for my merchandise.”

Clair has yet to find someone to make music with. He is looking for someone with specific content and the right kind of message to collaborate with. After asking Clair what message he wants his audience to take away from his music, he answered with one word: Freedom.

“People should be able to do what they want,” Clair said. “People should not have to be limited by monetary reasons or external forces.”

He just finished making beats for a new project. He is in an Indie band with some of his college friends. One friend is a guitarist and the other is a beat boxer. They make soul music. He also is a part of a metal band, and another band that performs in bars around Sioux City.

Clair will be at the Marquee bar downtown on April 1st at 7pm. 

March 31, 2022

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