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Riverdale Season 5 Review

By Jadyn Steffen– With Season 5 of Riverdale being one of many of Netflix’s new releases, people have been dying to see what this show has in store. After watching all of the new 19 episodes, it is safe to say this season is definitely not what I expected. 

It starts off about 7 years later from the last season and it follows the same theme as seasons prior, but somewhere along the way, the storyline gets completely lost. There are so many random curve balls thrown our way, such as one of the main characters being pregnant, and even a musical in episode 18 that leaves it really hard for viewers to stay interested. I noticed that, especially for me being a huge Riverdale fan, it was so hard for me to finish watching this season. 

However, we do get to dive deeper into the love triangle going on between Archie and Betty and Veronica, and of course we get to see the groups’ endless plans to take down Hiram Lodge and the evil he brings to Riverdale. 

Nonetheless, so many of the events that take place aren’t even the least bit realistic. Archie almost dies about 4 times and a dozen new crimes arise such as multiple bombings, the murder of one of our main characters family member, the moth men, exile, kidnapping, and so much more. 

With nothing major really happening in this season due to the flaky storyline, Riverdale fans may not enjoy this season as much as others. However, viewers are left with a huge cliffhanger at the end, making loyal fans excited to see what season 6 has to bring! Despite this season not being what I had anticipated, I know I will definitely be tuning into the next season to hopefully get some answers to everything that just happened!

November 29, 2021

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