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Moving On; A Review on Hawkeye’s Third Episode

By Rena Ketelsen– “Echoes,” directed by the directing team Bert & Bertie, is Hawkeye’s (2021) newest episode and was released exclusively on Disney Plus Wednesday, December 1. It is the third installment of a six-part series.

This episode starts in the past in the year 2007, showing a little girl in school. She is deaf which makes things difficult for her, but it quickly becomes clear that she can adapt very well. The scene also established that she has a very strong bond with her father.

Next, the show moves forward in time when the girl, Maya Lopez, has grown up. Her father has been attacked by Ronin whose identity is unknown and she stays with him until he dies in her arms.

Back in the present, following the events from the first two episodes, Barton and Bishop are held captive by a Russian gang. They manage to escape, but not before Barton’s hearing aid gets broken by Lopez, a leader of the gang.

Without his hearing aid, Barton and Bishop’s communication is not really working. Therefore, they get the hearing aid fixed and, soon after, end up having a lengthy, emotional conversation.

They both visit Bishop’s mother’s place to follow up on a lead that they had about their captors. There, Barton gets surprised by Bishop’s stepfather-to-be with a sword to his throat. Then, the scene cuts off and the episode ends.

Unlike the first two episodes, which largely served as an introduction to the two main characters, this one gave more insight into a possible antagonist of the show.

But, at the same time, it had a lot of hilarious and fun scenes. One that stood out to me was the car chase where Bishop was trying out various trick arrows without knowing what they did or ever having used any before.

Similarly, the whole sequence during which Barton didn’t have his hearing aid was very entertaining and well-written.

Adding to that, this episode, more so than the other ones, had plenty of nods to the original comics. One of those came in the form of a car, a 1972 red Dodge Charger, to be precise, which was his car in one of the comics.

This episode may be the best one so far. It also left the audience off with a cliffhanger which raises the anticipation for the next episode that will be released on Wednesday, December 8.

December 2, 2021

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