Favorite Family-Owned Restaurants

By Jadyn Steffen– Sioux City, Iowa, has a great selection of fast-food places, but what about the lesser-known family-owned restaurants? Morningside University students know about and recommend some of the city’s hidden gems.

Senior Mattie Tucker says, “My boyfriend and I love supporting smaller family-owned businesses. We are farmers, so of course we like to stay local, but my two favorites would have to be Table 32 or Kahill’s Chophouse.” 

Both restaurants are higher-end options, yet if students are looking for great quality service and food, these are both equally great contenders.

Junior Chloe Krommendyk’s favorite local restaurant is Wheelhouse, located down by Applebee’s. 

She says, “I love Wheelhouse! I always get their burgers, especially the Hawaiian one, and their wings are really, really good too!” 

Huge wings fans are recommended to try the restaurant’s wings, as they are worth the price for the quality of the dish.

The last restaurant recommended from students is a little outside of Sioux City, a place called Roble’s Taqueria. This family-owned restaurant is located in South Sioux City, but it is a must try Mexican joint. 

Junior Caitlin Charity says, “Roble’s is my favorite place to eat ever! When my friend was leaving to head back home, I made sure to take him there right away, because it is just so good!” 

The restaurant has quality Mexican food that does not waiver in its authenticity. College students are highly encouraged to take the drive across the bridge to check out the restaurant.

Overall, Sioux City proves to have a variety of local, family-owned restaurants. These students’ recommendations are just a few that those looking to try something new should start with to support smaller family-owned businesses.

October 13, 2021