What Morningside College Students Do With Their Free Time

By Jadyn Steffen– Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a college student with time all to yourself? Yeah, me too. However, multiple Morningside students have shared what it is that they like to do for fun in the great Sioux City, Iowa. 

For starters, did you know that Sioux City is one of the few cities in our area that has an axe throwing bar? 

Senior Mattie Tucker says, “I actually really like going to Woody’s Axe Throwing Bar with my boyfriend. I think it is so fun and it helps me destress from all the school and work-related things I have going on.” 

Next, the second most common answer students gave was they enjoy going to local coffee shops. A lot of Morningside’s students enjoy their morning caffeine and doing homework or relaxing surrounded by the smell of coffee. 

Junior Chloe Pieper says, “I always have to have my daily coffee, so I’m always looking for good local coffee shops to get my daily fix.” 

Freshman Abby Buckholt says, “If I had to pick my favorite coffee shop in the area, it would have to be this cute little cafe down on Pierce St. called “Coffee Works.”

Another answer I got from multiple students is that they enjoy hiking or going for walks in Stone Park. 

Junior Jacob Murphy says, “I love hiking and being outdoors is my favorite thing.” Freshman Abby Bockholt says, “I just find it super relaxing and it’s really nice getting to chill outdoors.” 

The last student I interviewed for this article is Junior Jessie Phipps. She says, “My favorite thing to do with my free time is to go bowling. There is this place called the Plaza and every Thursday night they have $10 unlimited bowling after 9pm.” 

Whether you’re just bored and are needing something to do or if you’re looking to start a completely new hobby, each of these activities are Morningside Student recommended. Hopefully, your days of boredom have officially been put to rest! 

October 13, 2021