Resurrection of “The Morningside Review” After Half a Century

Resurrection of “The Morningside Review” After Half a Century

By: Ashley Duncan

People may recognize the publication of the “Kiosk” here on campus. However, most people might not know of the other publication known as, “The Morningside Review”. 

The Morningside Review is a scholarly publication site that allows students of Morningside to publish research papers they have written. Whether the paper is for a class, Palmer Symposium or summer undergraduate research, the Morningside Review can publish it.

“I think it’s great that students have the opportunity to publish undergraduate research,” said David Elder, the faculty advisor for The Morningside Review. Elder is also in charge of a class that helps set up the publication. 

The Morningside Review has been around and run by students for about two years now. Prior to that, the review started in 1962, where it only lasted about five years; during it’s time it was run by faculty. Fast forward about 53 years to January of 2020 where students Mari Pazzini and Ally Hecht resurrected the publication. 

Ally and Mari ran the publication until they both graduated, then handing the publication off to the English department. From there, Elder took over and turned the publication into a class saying, “It was a really good opportunity to incorporate experiential learning and take on the publication.” 

The group of students oversee making sure the website is designed properly, emails are sent out accordingly, and most importantly, they review, edit, and publish some of the research papers.

Currently The Morningside Review is taking submissions until October 1st. “I hope we get more than last year and the year before. The number of submissions has been growing every year,” said Elder. 

From there they will review the works, edit them and decide which ones get published. They hope to have a launch party of the publication during the first few weeks of December. 

September 27, 2021