Nick Jonas on SNL: He Tried
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Nick Jonas on SNL: He Tried

by Hailey Barrus-Saturday Night Live (SNL) has become somewhat of a ritual for my boyfriend and I on Saturday nights. With popcorn and M&M’s in hand every Saturday at 10:30PM, I tune in to have Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, and the rest of the SNL cast make me laugh until my belly hurts. 

It is no secret that each host brings something new and interesting to the table when it comes to producing the show and who appears and writes the skits for the week. Last weekend with Bridgerton star, Rege Jean Page, was an absolute hit. The skits were all my kind of humor and it made me want to count down the days until the next episode with my high school crush, Nick Jonas. 

When I heard Nick Jonas was going to be hosting and performing as the musical guest for SNL, I was ecstatic. I loved the Jonas Brothers growing up and always thought Nick had a good sense of humor on TV. 

If this episode taught me anything it was that boy was I wrong. Nick’s opening monologue was dry and there wasn’t a drop of humor that came out of his mouth. I understand wanting to promote yourself while hosting, but I was uninterested after the first 30 seconds of him speaking. 

After the opening was finished, I remained hopeful for the rest of the show. However, throughout the entire show I noticed the skits that I enjoyed were the ones where Nick was nowhere to be seen. I don’t know how involved he was in writing during the week leading up to the show, but I felt like the skits weren’t as strong as they usually were.

The sad part about having the host also be the musical guest, is when you don’t like the skits you don’t even get a break from them during the musical numbers. I found myself struggling to stay awake during his performances, and if it wasn’t for Weekend Update hosts, Michael Che and Colin Jost, during the latter half of the show I would have turned it off.

Saturday Night Live is now taking a break until March 27, where Maya Rudolph will be hosting. Since they have weeks to prepare and have a legend like Rudolph coming to host, I am hopeful that she will put the show back in the right direction with comedic skits and I will once again be laughing until my belly hurts. 

March 3, 2021