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‘Tiger King’ a hilarious success

by Hailey Barrus– While the entire country waits patiently to open back up, what better way to enjoy quarantine than a bigger than life docuseries that has murder, rednecks, and a bunch of tigers.

Netflix recently released a new series called “Tiger King” about Oklahoma reality star, Joe Exotic, AKA the Tiger King, and the crazy times in his life the last five years. The series focuses around a feud the mighty Tiger King has with his nemesis, animal rights activist and rescuer, Carole Baskin.

The feud between Exotic and Baskin builds with every episode, and eventually law enforcement gets involved. Between Mr. Exotic calling Carole a bitch publicly on his reality show, to writing entire songs about how she killed her late husband and fed him to her cats, this show will have you glued to your television.

I personally thought the show was absurd and all together bizarre, but I must say the content was prime for reality television and I would be lying if I said I did not dedicate an entire day to watching the series in one go.

If you asked me back at the beginning of 2020 what I would be doing in March, rooting on a gay exotic redneck who owns tigers and a road side zoo would not have been my answer. But these are strange times, and I thought the show was a hilarious success everyone deserves.

April 7, 2020