Phi Mu Alpha spends fall break lifting spirits

Phi Mu Alpha spends fall break lifting spirits

by Dylan Ferguson–For many, Fall Break is an opportunity to catch up on rest. The men in Morningside’s chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia took it as an opportunity to lift spirits using music.

On October 20th, members of Phi Mu Alpha went to Whispering Creek Retirement Community to perform music as part of their Mills Music Mission (MMM) philanthropy. They spent an afternoon singing as part of Men of Song choir, performing vocal and instrumental solos, and performing in small ensembles. 

Nationally, the Mills Music Mission was created in 1998, and is meant to utilize the talents and interests of those in the music fraternity to uplift those in need.

The goal of the visit was to lift the spirits of residents at Whispering Creek using the talents of the group. The mood in the room was one of joy, as those performing jazz standards and sang songs were meant to boost comradery. One appreciative resident said that “It was really nice to hear the other side of the musical spectrum. We typically just hear Country and Western music”. 

While the goal was to lift spirits of the residents, the Mills Music Mission also affected those performing. Jared Bade, Men of Song member and trombone soloist noted that, “It was wonderful knowing that the music we were making made a difference to those listening, and it showed that the music we made truly mattered.”

October 30, 2019