Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a guilty pleasure
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Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a guilty pleasure

by Abby Koch–Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal universe has returned with the Netflix prequel series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The series is surprisingly addictive, enchanting, and fun as you witness a battle between good and evil.

The events that happen in Age of Resistance takes place many years before the events in the 30-year-old film. All of the scenes and characters are kept to the root of the original movie, using puppetry for almost every scene. But with the new series, there is a polish to the puppets and sly usage of CGI.

The story of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance follows the journey of three characters: Rian, Deet, and Brea. All three are part of a race called the Gelfling, who have been serving vile vulture-like creatures called the Skeksis for centuries. The Gelfling are split into seven clans that are spread across the land of Thra.

The Skeksis are treated like kings and use the Gelfling for their selfish desires. The Skeksis are also the keepers of the Dark Crystal, which they have been using for immortality and causing the Darkening of Thra. They discover one day that they can suck a substance called essence out of the Gelfling, which ends up killing Gelfling, to help the Skeksis live forever.

All of the three main protagonists discover the treachery of the Skeksis in their own way and set off to reveal the truth to the rest of the Gelfling.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance brings what old fans loved about the movie something new and it blends the old and new. It brings the charm of the puppetry from the 80’s movie and puts a modern spin on it. The writing for the series makes it easy to understand the universe no matter what fan you are, but you will pick up more if you have seen the original movie.

The story will have you on the edge of your seat due the excellent world building and character development. All three of the protagonists, as well as other key characters, have really well written story arcs. There are occasional cringey lines, but they are easy to get past.

My biggest complaint about the show is the number of characters there are and how many titles that they go by. I kept on wondering who certain characters were talking about due to the number of times they switch titles. This problem mainly arises with the Skeksis and Gelfling of high ranking. It becomes a distraction because I was trying to figure out who certain characters were talking about while key plot points slipped by.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is an amazing show to binge on. There are characters that you will absolutely love, even some of the villains, and high-stake situations that keep your attention. I recommend this show especially for Lord of the Rings fans, fantasy lovers, or for those who were disappointed by the Game of Thrones final season.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance gets 9/10 Podlings with wooden spoons.

October 30, 2019