My Life as a Zucchini is a wholesome time
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My Life as a Zucchini is a wholesome time

by Abby Koch–Claude Barras’ French stop motion film, My Life as a Zucchini, is a heartwarming tale about learning to love and trust again. My Life as a Zucchini is a short, wholesome, and a somber film for those who love animated movies.

My Life as a Zucchini was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2017. The film is available to purchase and is currently streaming on Netflix.

My Life as a Zucchini is about the main character Icare, a nine-year-old who likes to be called Zucchini. Zucchini’s father is no longer in his life and his mother is an abusive alcoholic. His mother has an accident due to alcohol and Zucchini is taken to a foster home.

Zucchini meets other kids who come from just as messy families as he does at the foster home. All of the kids there have their own quirks about them and Zucchini learns why they act that way, like Simon who initially bullies him. Simon, who’s parents are in trouble with the law, later becomes friends with Zucchini after sharing their stories with each other.

Over time, Zucchini becomes more open with the kids and the adults at the foster home. He builds relationships with all of them and develops a crush on a girl named Camille.

My Life as a Zucchini is a beautiful movie since the animation is distinct compared to the animation of Disney or Lakai studios. The colors in scenes, even in the sadder moments, are bright and eye catching. Because of the color palette, viewers are definitely going to appreciate the details of scenes and the entire picture.

The character designs are a bit off putting due to the big heads and the large eyes. It took a little bit of convincing for me to watch the film due my first initial disliking of the character designs. But after getting over this hurdle, the design choice does somehow work with the overall theme of the film.

My Life as a Zucchini is probably more geared for an older audience due to the themes. Along with somber background stories of the kids, which all of them are heart breaking, the film touches some adult theme humor. 

My Life as a Zucchini is a touching hour-long movie that touches on some depressing themes. Despite having these themes, My Life as a Zucchini is actually cheerful due to the childlike wonder the kids have. The film left me smiling from ear to ear and tearing up because how much I supported the characters.

My Life as a Zucchini gets 9/10 beer can boats.

October 21, 2019