Morningside website launches with new look

Morningside website launches with new look

by Mari Pizzini–Morningside College was given a digital face-lift on October 16, 2019. The college’s new website launched to the general public after first being seen by faculty.

Working remotely with Neuger Communications Group, Erin Edlund, vice president of marketing and communications, Tasha Goodvin, marketing admissions specialist, and a group of interns have been working in-house on the site. Content creation, mobile design, and accessibility have been the main concerns.

“The hardest part of the whole project so far has been the enormous amount of content we needed to create. We also made the decision to redesign in-house and our current content is outdated. It’s been a hard-uphill climb to decide on a structure and then develop content,” Edlund said. 

Edlund joined Morningside in March of 2018 with twelve previous website revisions under her belt. With Kim Sangwin, director for web development and digital strategy, and the rest of the team, Edlund’s newest site joined her list of launched products. 

Her desire to create Morningside’s new website came from the growing tech era.

“Students are more tech savvy than ever and we know most student’s first interactions happen online,” Edlund said. “Our website is a virtual front door and it is important that it looks, feels, and acts in the best way to give them a real sense of what Morningside is like.”

The new site features all the current undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, as well as a look at campus life.

“This site does a better job of conveying who and what Morningside is,” Edlund said. “It does a far superior job in highlighting our programs, which are powerful and unique. They are what bring students to Morningside.” 

Edlund and her team have been using Joomla, a CMS program, to design the site. It will be kept up-to-date, and programs will have access to their individual pages.  

Click the link to see the update.

October 21, 2019