End of the Semester

The end of the semester is here. Meaning I’m in the middle of a final project for one class and a final paper for another class.

Last weekend, life happened and I got sick. The sickness didn’t last long, but because I was sick, I couldn’t focus on doing my homework. Putting me behind two days from where I wanted to be. I was pushing myself to stay up late the previous night to complete tomorrow’s assignment because I couldn’t do it over the weekend.

Except last night, I was on the fence between keeping myself well and doing homework for class the next day. I feel like I shouldn’t have been on the fence about wanting to put myself first and taking care of myself over homework. What does that say about our society that we make students choose between their well-being and academics?

That being said, I’ve never turned in homework late before. I’ve always been punctual and I participate in class. I decided to ask my professor for an extension with hopes that I get it.

I just hate being that kid asking the professor to give me an extension, when everyone else has their own life to worry about but still managed to get their work done on time. I’m only trying.

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