Election Scavenger Hunt

Election Scavenger Hunt

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I like this comic on the 2016 election because it’s unbiased on who you think is poopier than the other. That is if you think a candidate is even poopy because some people love one candidate over another, flaws and all.

Y’know, I honestly don’t want either of these candidates to win the presidency, and I think that we need a better political system because both of these candidates suck!

(3 Paragraphs Removed, Per Professor’s Request) Somethings just can’t be said, even with Freedom of Speech.

My friend Evan keeps saying that Putin may declare war on America if Hillary gets elected because he hates her, no other reason besides that he hates her. “Everyone knows he hates her,” he says, “He’s said it on camera.”

More history, I’ll be alive during World War III.

Now, here we are at the end of the election and really . . . I know three people who wrote-in Bernie, and I’m one of them because I couldn’t, in my heart, vote for either candidate because I do not believe that they will lead our country well the next four years.

If anything good came out of this election, it is the SNL skits. Those are funny. I like those.

Next are from Buzzfeed:


When Lin-Manuel Miranda threw the perfect Hamilton reference into his monologue.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda threw the perfect Hamilton reference into his monologue.

And when Trump addressed the women who are voting Trump.

And when Trump addressed the women who are voting Trump.

Everything about Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, which may be even better than her Hillary Clinton.

Everything about Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, which may be even better than her Hillary Clinton.

When actual Hillary Clinton made her cameo.

When actual Hillary Clinton made her cameo.

Gold. All solid gold.
When I started typing this article, I was sad because this election is coming to a close and there’s nothing good going to come out of it. After seeing all of these SNL skits, though, I’m smiling because the skits are funny and because I’ve learned that the 2016 election is just a fucking joke, and here I am laughing about it.
That’s all that I’ve come to learn politics is a joke, and if Trump doesn’t have to have a degree in politics and be President of the United States, I don’t need a degree in English for anything. Put me in the chemistry lab! I’m ready! It has ‘try’ in it so, all I gotta do is try! Science bitches! I’m gonna Rick and Morty this shit!
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Also, it was nice knowing all of you because Trump is going to send me and my family back to Vietnam. No. I’m not illegal. I am a born and raised an American citizen, but with how small Trump’s brain is he can’t tell the difference between the two. So, I’ll see all of you on Facebook. You will be missed.

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