A Story and 5 Additional Features

Can the Old Masters Be Relevant Again?
Article: http://nyti.ms/2bvb1rG

An article under the ‘Art & Design’ section talks about if ‘old paintings’ done by 18th and 19th century artists will still be relevant for sale or show.┬áIt’s a competition between contemporary/modern art versus the art of the old masters.

5 Feature Stories that I think may come from this would be:

  1. One who buys the art; modern or old.
  2. Sells the art; auctioneer.
  3. Views the art; galleries or museum.
  4. Does art; student or artist.
  5. Teaches art; art professor.

I would be most interested in interviewing the artist who creates paintings for a living. I’m curious what they think about the money they may be making or how they feel that modern art may be more valuable than old art. Not just artists, but student artists that may want to sell their art for profit, someday. What their thoughts and feelings are on old vs. modern/contemporary art.

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