Last, First Day of School EVER!!! (Unless I decide to go and get a Masters…but that isn’t in the gameplan as of now.)

In ‘News and Feature Writing’ we are talking about themes for our first paper and on the sheet passed to the class was an example theme: “Relationships”.

Instantly, my mind went to romantic relationships because I am in a long-distance relationship and I began to brainstorm how other people would deal with said relationship. I came up with people to interview and I tried to see where the post will go.

Then! I thought, ‘what about sibling relationships?’ My sister goes to UNO. We are very close, we facetime and text each other daily. Then I remembered, my friend, Brayton’s sister also started college this year and they are apart. So, I had the idea of writing a post on sibling relationships when everyone is so far apart from each other. How do they deal? Advice, they have for other siblings going apart for college. Just an idea.

I think that students would be interested in a real like this because ¬†while students are away family is missed and it is nice to read that you aren’t the only one missing your family.

Besides that theme, I have:

  • Summer –> Ways spent
    • Working
    • Home
    • Travel
  • Learned –> Talk to different Morningside Students on what they have learned over the years here at Morningside!



  1. Twins going to different colleges, if it ever happens, would be interesting. Is there a solo twin on campus?

    The thought I had while reading this was our relationships w/ pets.

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