September, 2015

News Comment #6

For this weeks weekly news comment I picked an article that talks about Aaron Rodgers success as a Green Bay Packer over the years. I feel like this article is newsworthy because there are a lot of football fans out there that like to keep up to date on whats happen with teams and players.

The only thing that I would critique would be that the title of the article talks about the Kansas City game but most of the article is about Aaron Rodgers success. When I fist saw the article I thought it was going to be how well he did during that game but instead it talks about how good he has been doing of the years.

The audience of this article would be any Green Bay Packer fans, any Aaron Rodgers fans, or any football fans. I think the lead is effective because the whole article talks about how well Rodgers is doing and some of the things he has had to overcome with injuries to other injured players.

The only thing that I would think to change would be the title of the article but other than that I would keep everything else the same, and I don’t think anything is missing.

Scavenger Hunt

When I first started my search for a thick red rubber band I started asking some random students that I saw outside of the library. After most people said no to me  I decided I should go look and ask some faculty in their offices.

I made my way to Lewis Hall and decided to ask the ladies in there if any of them happen to have a thick red rubber band. Surprisingly more than one of them said that they had one.

They started to compare the rubber bands by which one was thicker and what one was more red than the others. That is when I met Jerri Hanson.

When I first saw Jerrie Hanson she was sitting at her desk, she had her hair half up and half down,and dressed in business casual.

When I asked for the rubber band she started to laugh and then proceeded to pull one out of her desk. When she walked over to me to give me the rubber band she stated, “Well this is my last thick red rubber band.” I then thanked her for giving me her last one and we said goodbye.


News Comment #5

For this weeks weekly news comment I decided to write about an article that talked about the Kardashian/Jenner sisters new app. I do not feel like this article is very newsworthy. It has some good information that some readers might be interested in but I do not think many people would care to read it. I feel like the audience of this article would be anyone that is interested in the Kardashian/Jenner sisters or anyone that keeps up with what they are doing.

I do think that the article had good information when it came to talking about the company that created the app, which was Whalerock Industries. The author gave a good background on the industry and up incoming projects that might involve them.

I think the lead was effective because they talked about the app the entire article. The author even added what troubles they had with the app and new projects that the sisters might be working on with Whalerock.

Overall I would not change anything about this article. Although it had some good information I do not think it is newsworthy because I do not think many people would be interested in reading something like this.

News story, final draft

Molly O’Neill

September 22, 2015

College Tuition on the Rise

            According to The New York Times, the cost of college tuition is almost three times more expensive than it is now.

In 1974, the price for a private college was roughly $2,000, and $510 for a public college. Today, a private college cost around $31,000, and $9,000 for a public college. For most Americans these prices are not in their budget.

Today, the great national crisis states the fact that too many young adults are not going to college, or they do not graduate is mainly because they cannot afford it.

President Obama would like to make changes so that people do not have to worry about the expenses of a college. He states in the U.S. News, “We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, and better benefits. Put simply, I’d like to do is see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is working for it.”

If this were to happen, students would have to at least go to community college half time and maintain a GPA of 2.5 to receive their first two years free.

This is not the first time that free community college has been proposed. The first time was in 1947 by president Harry Truman’s commission on higher education. The commission’s report stated, “The time has come to make education through the fourteenth grade available in the same way that high school education is now available.”

By following through with President Obama’s plan, it would benefit nine million students nationwide to save an average of $3,800 per year, according to the White House.

There are some people that do not agree with or have criticized President Obama’s plan. They feel only students who do not receive enough finical aid would benefit. According to Debbie Cochrane, research director of The Institute for College Access, and Success states that the White House’s proposal differs from existing programs. Cochrane says, “It is aimed squarely at stopping state disinvestment in public colleges, which is crucial to making college affordable.” This plan also contains federal funding.

According to The Washington Post, higher education leaders loath when the media and public focus on the sticker price of the college. A lot of students do not end up paying the full price, but there is a little amount of students that do have to pay that full price.

The sticker prices of colleges scare off other students and their families. They feel like it is out of their price range. The Washington Post states that students that do get scared from the sticker prices end up choosing or looking for a different school before they know what they will be actually paying.

Even though the price of college tuitions has continued to grow over the years there are people out there that are trying to change that. Not only is President Obama, but Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Mally all have announced that they have plans to increase federal funding for college if they are elected. People would like to see prices of colleges go down so students do not have to be afraid anymore of not being able to afford their college tuition.


Gasoline Spillage Due to Texaco Truck Overturning

A Texaco gasoline truck has overturned on the outskirts of town near 48th street and Correctionville Road causing gas flooding sewer lines  for two blocks.

Cars are being rerouted through the side streets and four families have been evacuated because of the sewer line gas. The gas has also found its way onto streets and into ditches.

It will take up to two hours until gas in flushed away. Fire Chief Charles Hochandel has said, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence.”

Ten Students Suspended from North East High School

Ten upperclassmen have been suspended fro one week from North East High School.

A series of events including a food fight that has closed the cafeteria on Tuesday, and three false alarm soundings on Wednesday are all results in these ten students protesting the suspension of another five students. The other five students were found smoking marijuana in the schools parking lot, they were then suspended for a week.

There was no general unrest and principal Laura Vibelius commented, “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.”  She also said she sees no continuation of these “incidents” in the near future.

Cat Found Stuck in Tree

The local fire department has been sent to 102 11th Ave. after locals Charlie and Kim Decker called after twin girls, Suzanne and Samantha fount their cat stuck in an oak tree.

Fire fighter, Bob Harwood was sent up the tree to retrieve the cat. On his way back down, Harwood falls fifteen feet because one of the trees limbs break.

Harwood was sent to St. Lukes Hospital because he has broken his leg from the fall, be he is doing just fine. The Calico cat is also safe and has returned to Samantha and Suzanne with no injuries because Harwood broke his fall.

Moyer Quick story

The death of a local man has been revealed be the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office.

At 11 a.m Wednesday morning a collision of two cars east of Sioux City left one man, Moyer Quick killed, and leaving three injured.

Moyer Quick, age 65 was driving down highway 20, when trying to pass the vehicle next to him. Quick’s rear-end struck the vehicle and sent both vehicles into a ditch causing Quick’s car to roll once.

Accompanying Quick was his wife Dorothy Quick,  61,  and Maxine Steuerwald, 43, who is Dorothy’s sister. The man driving the other vehicle was Randy Radin.

The conditions of the three survivors range from good to critical. The three survivors were transported by ambulance to Marian Health Center where Radin is still in critical condition.

Autopsy shows that Moyer had a heart attack while he was driving and could have been the cause of the accident.

News comment #4

For this weeks weekly news comment I have decided on an article that talks about the animals left behind in the California wildfire. I feel like this story is news worthy because the California wildfire is a big that has been in the news recently. This article lets readers become informed on not only what happened to the animals left behind but also tells readers what else is happening because of the fire.

One thing that I would critique about the article is that in the beginning the author does not say much about the animals, they talk a lot about what has happened and other things that are being affected by the fires. I feel like they should inform readers about whats happening but I think for this article the animals should be the main focus.

The audience of this article is anyone that has been following the California wildfire, anyone that lives in that area, and anyone that has been affected by this fire.

I feel like the lead is effective because the author gets his point across and is able to inform readers on what has happened to the animals and how people are trying to help those animals survive. I don’t think anything is missing from this article and the only thing I would change would be to start off talking about the animals more.

Lead practice story

As of yesterday Iowa Highway patrol has ordered a ban of hand-held radar guns in Des Moines, Iowa.

The reason for this ban is because there is a concern that troopers could develop cancer from longterm exposure to the radiation waves emitted by the device. With this ban, there will be seventy radar guns that will be withdrawn from services. Because of the withdrawal, police officers will be using the radars that will be mounted on the outside of their cruisers.

The spokesman from the Iowa Highway patrol,  Adam Berluti said, “The feeling here is to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue, and that the whole situation is under review.”

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