August, 2015

Is Journalism Obsolete?

In the article “Is Journalism as we know it becoming obsolete?” by Mathew Ingram, it talks about how there are many different views on the definition of journalism today. The programmer Dave Winer argued that, “journalism itself is becoming obsolete because now anyone can do it.” I agree with this statement because with todays technology anyone can share news over the web. For example; a lot of people use their Twitter or Facebook accounts to find or even tell information and news. By using social media news travels a lot faster and people can already get most of the story before it airs.

I would not say that journalism is becoming obsolete just because others are able to get stories out right when they happen. I also agree with the statement from the article, “Instead of saying journalism is obsolete, I would rather say it as evolving and expanding.” I fell that social media such as Twitter and Facebook could help journalism in away. There are a lot of accounts such as CNN, The New York Times, ABC, and other big name news companies that have a twitter account. By having these accounts I feel like they are able to get stories out to people easier because they’re are so many people that use the internet to receive news information. This way people can get to major stories and hear them from a journalist themselves.

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