November, 2015

Story Three

Molly O’Neill

November 17, 2015

Nursing Students

A lot of college students go through periods where they are stressed and overwhelmed, but for nursing students it seems like that is a part of their everyday lives.

Students that are majoring in nursing can expect their lives to be very busy. Some characteristics of a nursing student are long hours, busy schedules, and a lot of late night studying . When asking Sara Desy, a third year nursing student, what that hardest thing about being a nursing major is, she responded, “Everything about it is hard.”

A typical week for Desy consists of going to classes from eight in the morning and finishing around noon everyday, with clinical hours twice a week. On Monday’s she is at the hospital from two until ten-thirty, and Thursdays from six in the morning until two-thirty.

Desy admitted that everything about being a nursing student is hard. She said, “I have no time for a social life, if I am not at class then I am doing my clinical hours, if I am not doing clinical hours then I am at class or spending my free time studying and working on homework assignments.”

Nursing students have a lot of responsibilities and they need to make sure they are always doing their best. It is not easy being a nursing student but it is possible.

Every student at Morningside College is required to take a May term before they graduate. May terms can consist of traveling to many different places or just taking a class on campus.

A May term usually last three weeks but could differ on the type of class that the students choose to take and it is a requirement for all students to take one before they graduate.

When it comes to taking a May term many students are not very happy about it. It can be fun for the ones that chose to travel, but for the students that decide to stay on campus seem to not enjoy it as much.

Anna Shanafelt is a junior here at Morningside and plans on taking her May term this up and coming May. Her thoughts about having to take a May term were, “I get the whole idea on why we have to take it because we go to a liberal arts school, but do I think it’s a waste of time and money? Yeah.”

Anna has the opportunity to travel to many different places but is deciding to stay on campus to complete her class. When asked why she didn’t want to travel she said, “I would love to travel but I can’t afford it at the moment ”

It seems that May term can be a different experience for all students. It all depends on what class they decide to take, and how they feel about having to take one.

One of the biggest contrives that is happening in the United States right now is that Starbucks is now anti Christmas.

Every year starting in November Starbucks uses their infamous holiday cups, that are usually red with some type of Holiday decoration.

This year, the cups are only just the color red with no design. People all around the world have been complaining about this issue and think that Starbucks is anti Christmas, and does not want to spread holiday cheer.

This topic has been has been heard all around that even president candidate Donald Trump had something to say about it.

Trump suggested that people should boycott Starbucks and if he is elected president he will make sure that everyone will be saying Merry Christmas again.

There are people that have been offended by these red cups, and there are many people that think this issue has been blown out of proportion.

Sam Clark a barista at Starbucks had this to say when it came to the controversy with the red cups, “I think it is inconsiderate that people only take Christianity as a serious religion, considering Starbucks doesn’t even have to change the color of their cups for the holiday season”

Clark was not very pleased with Trump talking about this issue either. Her thoughts, “Trump shouldn’t even be concerned about this topic, he has bigger things to worry about and should be focusing on the bigger issues.”

Even though that Starbucks is not anti Christmas people continue to buy their coffee and beverages from them. Its going to take more than the color of a cup to stop people from going to Starbucks.


Man shoots wife after only being married for three hours.

Richard and Laurette Brunson got married Saturday on the front porch of their home at two o’clock.

About thirty relatives and friends attended the wedding, along with Laurette’s three children.

Richard Brunson shot his wife at five o’clock shortly after their wedding ceremony, with a .22- calibre hand gun.

Neighbors contacted the police but once they arrived Richard Brunson was already gone.

Laurette Brunson is currently as St. Lukes with Richard Brunson’s whereabouts still unknown.