Scavenger Hunt

When I first started my search for a thick red rubber band I started asking some random students that I saw outside of the library. After most people said no to me  I decided I should go look and ask some faculty in their offices.

I made my way to Lewis Hall and decided to ask the ladies in there if any of them happen to have a thick red rubber band. Surprisingly more than one of them said that they had one.

They started to compare the rubber bands by which one was thicker and what one was more red than the others. That is when I met Jerri Hanson.

When I first saw Jerrie Hanson she was sitting at her desk, she had her hair half up and half down,and dressed in business casual.

When I asked for the rubber band she started to laugh and then proceeded to pull one out of her desk. When she walked over to me to give me the rubber band she stated, “Well this is my last thick red rubber band.” I then thanked her for giving me her last one and we said goodbye.


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  1.   fuglsang on September 28th, 2015

    The ladies? Did you consider staying around and talking, to get a good/better quote. Hang out for a bit and shoot the bull.