News Comment #6

For this weeks weekly news comment I picked an article that talks about Aaron Rodgers success as a Green Bay Packer over the years. I feel like this article is newsworthy because there are a lot of football fans out there that like to keep up to date on whats happen with teams and players.

The only thing that I would critique would be that the title of the article talks about the Kansas City game but most of the article is about Aaron Rodgers success. When I fist saw the article I thought it was going to be how well he did during that game but instead it talks about how good he has been doing of the years.

The audience of this article would be any Green Bay Packer fans, any Aaron Rodgers fans, or any football fans. I think the lead is effective because the whole article talks about how well Rodgers is doing and some of the things he has had to overcome with injuries to other injured players.

The only thing that I would think to change would be the title of the article but other than that I would keep everything else the same, and I don’t think anything is missing.

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  1.   fuglsang on October 4th, 2015

    Was the headline changed? This is pretty clearly about Rodgers, though I can see how you might think this is about his most recent game, not his career.